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ASOBI COIN Market Digital Content in the ASOBIMO Blockchain Industry

ASOBI COIN Market Digital Content in the ASOBIMO Blockchain Industry



You can use ASOBI COIN to buy ASOBIMO game credits in which 1 ASOBI COIN is equal to twice the cost in USD.

ASOBI COIN is also a forex, which can be utilized in ASOBI MARKET, the Distributed Secondary Content Platform, developed by ASOBIMO, Inc. (International patent is currently pending: PCT / JP2018 / 16657). On this platform you could alternate digital content material used which includes game objects, software program, e-books, track, videos and e-tickets, or purchase new content together with your ABX.

On systems, customers have their digital content material, assured via blockchain generation and DRM (Digital Rights Management) referred to as "Decentralized Security Systems" (DSS). This platform gives simple proof of possession and a safe trading experience. Their secondary market will also bring benefits to the authentic publisher.

The idea of ASOBI COIN - Trading virtual content on distributed secondary markets. The new blockchain monetary technology for publishers and users. The Asobimo DApps platform will make virtual content on the secondary marketplace a precious asset for all events, and offer a safe buying and selling revel in with minimum costs and no friction.

Distributed Secondary Content Platform

Problems and Solutions Sometimes virtual content is every now and then too easy to duplicate. How do we permit content material redistribution that works for users, content creators and publishers?

Asobimo DApps will offer a dispensed secondary content material platform with "Decentralized Security System" (DSS). Blockchain will provide proof of ownership of undeniable content.

When you shop at ASOBI Market, we can assure you of a safe exchange between secondary (used) and electronic money through the DSS system.

Sub-content syndication platform-People can buy and sell digital content, such as comics, game items, and music that you want to share with others.

  • Secure Content Platform
  • ASOBI will provide a secure cloud system called "Classification
  • Security System "(DSS) uses blockchain technology.
  • Distributed content platform
  • ASOBI will make sub content distributed as P2P Token Platform

At the Asobi market, smart contracts will be used, and profits will be shared and distributed automatically.

If AOB works for $ 100, Asobi on a smart contract will distribute profits as follows:

  • The seller will receive $ 50
  • The publisher will receive $ 35
  • The author will receive $ 15

Simple purchase:

  • Users use ASOBI COIN to make purchases on the site
  • Licenses are created and sent to the repository
  • This license is given to users
  • After the user receives the license, he can use the purchase

Sales are also very simple:

  • The seller sells the item at the desired price or the seller can set the price recommended by the website
  • The buyer pays the agreed amount, is sent to the system
  • Payment system for sellers
  • The buyer gets a license for this product
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