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PAYGINE - Transforming Traditional Banking Towards Global Banking Services

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream. Bitcoin, Etherium, and others have captured the public's imagination and have attracted investors and consumers. But while a few people have started making an investment in Bitcoin (BTC) or different cryptocurrency,

few recognize how they work, and even fewer recognise the way to use it to meet their promise as a digital but non-hackable trade device that permits us to make transactions instantly and accurately. I saw the whole lot on Paygine and had a great destiny.

Paygine Project or a exceptional future platform designed to function inside its very own possession banking structure and this challenge is created with the aid of a group of reliable experts who take care of all of your desires to start a Crypto commercial enterprise.

Paygine is an open financial platform designed to function inside its very own proprietary banking structure and designed to serve FinTech and crypto commercial enterprise needs in the regions of money switch, forex and payment for "real" items and services under a white label solution.

Paygine's key aggressive gain over similar projects is that it is able to make use of present structures and technologies currently used by FinTech, e-commerce, and so on.

The Paygine Platform will offer the subsequent offerings by way of utilizing present Best2Pay generation: - Transfer cryptocurrency to / from a financial institution card; - Pay in shops and stores the use of playing cards in cryptocurrency; - Receive cryptocurrency as price for goods and services in on line stores,

Make transfers throughout fiat currencies using cryptocurrency with minimum costs; - Maintain a pockets in both fiat and crypto currencies with the capacity to easily and quickly alternate finances among them.

This approach an digital pockets and might be used for several transactions. Most folks who conduct online and business transactions are individuals who use best E-wallets in sending cryptocurrencies and make numerous technical exchanges.

By using the API gadget, PAYGINE intends to make rapid transfers, forex exchanges and garage of these currencies quick and without limits.

Users do commercial enterprise with it each day, therefore the capability to transform their price range to the preferred forex on a journey will increase commercial enterprise. This also saves time. Fiat forex conversion to cryptocurrency may be very beneficial for businesses that use most Fiat currencies, because it takes them out in their comfort area at the same time as hard them to experience the benefits supplied with the aid of crypto currencies.

Publish a Card that can be related to an Account in Fiat or Cryptocurrency
Despite the truth that Cryptocurrency is used for lots transactions, it has no longer been blanketed in buying and selling bodily items. This is because there are no playing cards for transactions, with this service via PAYGINE, cards with similarities to regular credit score cards which might be used for bills in shops and department stores, may be used and designed in a way that conversations from cryptocurrency and Fiat arise alternately.

Payment Processing for Cryptocurrency Receives traders
Business those who acquire cryptocurrency to exchange items and services can be restricted in processing their payments, that's why this option is designed to help them get bills received the use of diverse technologies.

The most famous use of cryptocurrency to feature as a manual in the functioning of this platform and so that it will transfer finances without problems and quickly at low prices.
Peer to Peer service - This characteristic is useful for electronic wallets because it's miles a direct connection between the sender and recipient of the fund so that it brings a type of bond this is useful to each parties.

By using AP, PAYGINE users could be able to deposit and withdraw price range thru numerous ways with the intention to be handy for the platform and the user itself. Paygine is a huge gain for customers or customers because it permits business marketers to create their very own emblem underneath it for you to make room for business enlargement.

Innovation of techniques and strategies to enable numerous people and commercial enterprise owners to apply cryptocurrency in their each day activities as a result expanding the range of blockchain era. Because cryptocurrency can now be exchanged anywhere, customers can transact commercial enterprise transactions smoothly and without difficulty do their enterprise speedy.

In end, the Paygine platform supported by means of Best2Pay is taking advanced blockchain era through integrating it into human beings's every day lives through the use of traditional methods in order that it makes it reliable for customers.

Invest a very good manner to get huge money without making unique efforts. Today, increasingly more humans keep in mind that saving money under a pillow is no longer an alternative. You can acquire cash best as soon as by way of investing it. After all, money must work. When you make investments, you are making your cash paintings. That is, you make investments money, hoping in the destiny to get extra cash.

But keep in mind that funding carries dangers. Instead of the expected earnings, you may get losses or maybe lose all your cash. Unfortunately, a huge range of tasks become easy fraud and lots of buyers misplaced their funding.

Paygine is an open economic platform designed to operate inside its very own proprietary banking shape and designed to serve FinTech and crypto enterprise needs inside the fields of cash transfer, currency exchange and payment for "real" items and services underneath the White Label answer.

Provide clients with equipment for bills below their brand names, whatever the size of the enterprise. After the project is released, each token holder could have the right to pay for goods or services the use of tokens in a ratio of 1 PGC = 1 USD

Long-term experienced experts from banking area from round the arena. The development crew is prepared to undertake all of your offerings for scale projects from numerous degrees of complexity.

After the release of the venture, each holder will have the proper to pay for goods or offerings with tokens in a ratio of one PGC = 1 USD. All unsold tokens may be despatched there for use on the Paygine platform inside the destiny.

Years of expert enjoy in banking from everywhere in the world. The improvement group is prepared to receive all of your offerings for huge-scale initiatives with varying levels of complexity.

Receive cryptocurrency as price for goods and offerings in online shops;
Make transfers between fiat currencies using cryptocurrency with minimal prices;
Defend wallets each in fiat and cryptocurrency with the capability to easily and speedy convert price range among them.

Best2Pay and become founded in the UK in 2012 by way of experts from the banking region with revel in in carrying out initiatives at American Express, SEB, Raiffeisenbank, Bank St. Petersburg, Russian Standard Bank, and Sberbank. Best2Pay services use initiatives from the sector of fintech and e-commerce to serve extra than 1.5 million clients, whose numbers growth 34% every month.

The Best2Pay platform makes it feasible to put into effect any complexity initiatives, so that it will remember the precise capabilities of the patron's business methods, infrastructure, and goal clients.


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