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Quantocoin: Developed a Next-Generation Model for The Future of Financial Services

What is the QUANTOCOIN

Quantocoin has advanced a subsequent-technology model for the future of monetary services and digital banking. This version makes use of Blockchain generation at the side of smartphones, in addition to a new sort of bio-identification device so that it will be used to ensure secure and relaxed bills for every consumer. This is a venture to increase the destiny of the crypto-monetary global.

Its primary intention is to combine and join QTC into the traditional monetary global and to create a unmarried gateway through QTC platform for customers, investors, investors and economic establishments with an entire variety of upload-on services.

Quantocoin is a platform for the destiny of investment that is built on pinnacle of the Waves blockchain. It accelerates the increase of unbanked humans with the aid of offering gear and services that shop both time and resources.
Current Problem

The adoption of cryptocurrencies into regular lifestyles. Now is sort of not possible to pay with any cryptocurrency for exact, or do transfers etc. Also, the transaction processing for cryptocurrency against fiat is almost non-existent.

QTC bank with QTC banking platform as the very last level of QTC project will convey solution by means of supplying cryptocurrencies to mainstream normal users.


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TechnologiesHybrid price software - We combine three first-rate international technologies at one point.

QTC mobile App will be made available for down load via the iOS or Android market and customers will in the end be capable of use cryptocurrencies to pay for any fiat-based totally items or services right away, easily and straight away on any POS terminals with NFC era, QR code or through our qtcBeacons.


A BLE beacon is a small device – generally powered with the aid of battery or USB – that emits a Bluetooth Low Energy signal. A modern cellphone inside the place can select up the sign being emitted through the beacon to supply brief, secure and easy cellular-based totally proximity price answers. Beacon-based price apps is likewise smartphone agnostic, for that reason making it practically available to any telephone user.


Near area conversation, is at a very simple level absolutely “contactless” communique among  gadgets. In regard to fee processing, it's miles the technology that enables your cellphone to communicate with the payment terminal (POS) to provoke a transaction.


Quick-response codes have the set of ubiquity that NFC lacks. They paintings a bit like old fashion barcodes, but they may be digital and supply them the strength to allow you to finish cell bills.

Lending Protocol First instant coins application

QTC Lending Protocol is the next step of the a success improvement of modern QTC platform that provides the instant coins subsidized with cryptocurrency pool. Contributors can now use the QTC  cell app to keep/shop their crypto property with out the need to sell them.

End-users are allowed to leverage all their crypto-belongings (QTC, BTC, ETH etc.) to right away attain fiat cash which can be spent through payment card and cashless – contactless QTC cell app. Within this lending period, the contributor’s asset portfolio is used as collateral, dynamically and immediately controlled, giving the opportunity for income and lengthy-term growth of the portfolio.

Depend on portfolio cost; the to be had cash stability is constantly modified and calculated by way of automated tokenized portfolio management algorithms (QTC RAM protocol).

Distributional Token Offering

The Quantocoin Distributional Token Offering (DTO) is the logical, 2d step to distribute all QTC with appreciate to the whole QTC undertaking vision – All tokens could be disbursed.

70 million qtc tokens can be dispensed in described consecutive intervals over the next 10 month. These tokens could be break up into the same rolling windows of the identical quantity QTC availability.

At the give up of a duration, the respective set amount of QTC Tokens for that period may be dispensed pro rata among all legal individuals. Means all people receives the same fee, based on the full amount contributed in the course of that duration.

Allocation of ProceedsFunds signed and raised can be disbursed in the following way
  •     53% Platform development
  •     5% Legal structuring, regulatory, tax advice
  •     9% Cost related to SW development
  •     4% Maintenance fees
  •     15% Management and team
  •     3% Community outreach
  •     4% Bounty campaign
  •     7% Research


Risk Disclaimer: Buying QTC TOKENs includes significant chance of loss and isn't suitable for each contributor. The valuation of the QTC may vary, and, as a result, clients might also lose their original contribution. Before identifying to take part in QTC TOKENs, you have to cautiously take into account your funding goals, a degree of enjoy, and risk appetite.


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