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SportsFix | Premium Decentralised OTT Streaming Platform for Live Sports

SportsFix|Decentralized Premium OTT Streaming Platform for Direct Sports

SportsFix is ​​a Decentralized live streaming platform for the Digital Stadium Network that prioritizes cellular for sports fans in the ASEAN region. Our platform delivers popular local, regional and international sports content. This is a revolutionary digital sports content ecosystem based on Blockchain technology, separating and decentralizing the rights of sports media.

Digital Stadium is a next-generation over-the-top (OTT) platform that is supported by a token economy that allows sports fans to connect deeply with favorite teams, clubs and sponsors they follow and are rewarded for engagement through SportsFix tokens.

Digital stadiums will be formed in stages to promote the community and encourage growth. As the Digital Stadium community develops, more and more features are unlocked, creating a better viewing experience for fans to enjoy.

I present you streaming broadcasts from the new generation - the OTT Sports Platform built on blockchain.


Distribution of sports content that is not transparent and complicated; Intermediary margin, artificial packaging and prices; Centralized income redistribution;

Moved fans have limited access to content directly from their favorite team; The club has almost no direct contact with their fans. 83% of subscription TV customers have canceled their subscription due to high commission, Variety (2017).


Fans can watch their favorite games with many interesting features to choose from;
Reduce audience costs, Sharing content into individual games allows fans to pay only for what they watch; Sports clubs can identify, interact, and reward their most active fans in digital stadiums.

This platform combines live broadcast and sports content based on record requests with the ability of social networking, gamification, forecasting and e-commerce.

Digital Stadium
  • Choose what you see, get SFT and don't pay (almost) anything!
  • Find your favorite game;
  • Buy tickets on match day;
  • Register as a digital subscription holder (DSP);
  • Generate match days from our sponsors or club partners.


Watch your favorite games with friends in HD;
Watch the game at the same time and send your own comments;
Get loyalty points to predict and create interesting content.

  • Directly interact with your favorite club;
  • Get rewards by buying DSP;
  • Get access to exclusive content (training, bloopers, etc.).
  • Watch (almost) free games from digital stadium sponsors;
  • Get tokens from sponsors to buy match days;
  • Get discounts for products from your favorite brands.
  • Expand your fan base to unlock special features at each level!


A proven team with industry experience - The founders have 50 years of combined experience in sports marketing and industrial content.

The next-generation OTT Streaming Platform - Digital Stadium offers a premium crowdfunding experience, driven by soft economy.

The Fancentric STF-Model Token is designed to encourage end users to join and interact with our digital stadium platform.

Dynamic soft growth model - Thanks to the strategic release of our club's growth, sponsorship and micro advertising models, this will create a fixed request for SFT.

Already entered the market-The Sportsfix OTT Streaming Platform has 300 million users in the ASEAN market, broadcasting more than one hundred games every month.

  • Catch your favorite game
  • Buy Game Day Tickets
  • Register as a digital season ticket holder (DSP)
  • Make a match day from our sponsor or partner club

  • Watch your favorite games with friends in HD
  • Watch the game simultaneously and publish your own comments
  • Get loyalty points to make game predictions and create cool content

  • Get involved directly with your favorite clubs
  • Get identified and valued by registering as DSP
  • Access exclusive content (locker room access, training, bloopers etc.)

  • Watch games for (almost) free by digital stadium sponsors
  • Get the SF token from the sponsor to redeem the entrance ticket for the match day
  • Get merchandise discounts from your favorite brands

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