Jumat, 09 November 2018

BitSong | The first Decentralized Music Streaming Platform

This project is for finding and solving problems for beginners. Through Bitsong, romance will be able to create their own songs, and listeners will enjoy and see new content from whatever device they have.

In addition, music can also get donations according to fans who can contribute to the next album. The ad will be downloaded by the advert & every time the ad is heard, artists & listeners will get 90% of the profits from the advertiser.

BitSong will provide an opportunity for users to use the platform in several ways: according to free streaming to help, payment & insertion of ad sponsors.

This project aims to overcome barriers & economy in this industry & also for the use of simple platforms. The BitSong platform is unique both in terms of its clarity and the services it offers.

This is not the same according to other music streaming platforms, helping to fund artists and videos and giving tokens to users, from music / video fans to those involved in commercial activities.

PROJECT VISION-BitSong will become a new benchmark for the music market and will be developed using technology available in the block space. The use of blockbusters allows BitSong to be decentralized and become more communal based on competition (YouTube, YouTube, & streaming through Spotify, iTunes or Beatport & advertise on social networks). BitSongayanan solves this case once and for all.

WEB-RADIO / TV-It has been stored for making official Web Radio / TV, which will broadcast the best songs on the platform, there will also be a music contest where artists will release music (users only with a sign that BTSG can discuss their preferences). In addition to official Web / TV Radio, it is also possible to deactivate sites where their programs can be broadcast, or run live broadcasts on the platform.

BLOCKCHANCH CHARTS - Today, music rankings are easily created by external sponsors. BitSong will show you to save all user reactions (for example, genres, comments, etc.) on its own block, making it auditable first and, most crucially, appreciating the actual music ranking.

TOKEN-BitSong Token (symbol: BTSG) will be used as a platform and, therefore, will be used for sponsors, donations, purchases and votes.


By using the Ethereum block system, people will be able to receive payments conducive & fast, cases that occur and slowness of currency.


BitSong is a long-term project, all calculations are done to guarantee the genre of production "without interruption" (all of this according to various types of market fluctuations).

The token will be as important for:

  • Contributions contributed
  • Buy songs
  • Voting Results
  • Ticket prize



Bitcointalk Username : Z4k4ri4
Profil Bitcointalk:;u=2303473
ETH Address:   0xA59EfCd1D23E30a9DfB13E64FB8275aACD341fbF

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