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What is DESICO?   DESICO stands for Decentralized Ecosystem for Security ICOs.  The DESICO platform will buy, promote and trouble safety tokens “In complete compliance with the law”.  And the important component which I will type in bold is the tokens on the destiny platform WILL BE SECURITY TOKENS.

And this, you need to know due to the fact it's miles what DESICO says is the principle issue that makes them so unique.

There is lots of discussion around the concern of safety as opposed to utility tokens but DESICO firmly agree with that security ICOs are the nice and handiest answer and they absolutely describe their reasoning of their tremendous white paper, which incidentally is nearly 60 pages in duration and is packed full of thrilling facts.

The enterprise, who will honestly be operating from within Lithuania, set up their middle team way back within the 0.33 quarter of 2015 once they created a P2P lending platform.   After a crowd funding platform launch in early 2017, they went on to efficaciously obtain an E-money license at the end of that identical yr. 

At the start of 2018, they have become a member of the ICO regulatory development group, setup via the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.  After their own ICO has finished, they will launch their beta security ICO platform, observed with the aid of the launch in their price gadget for Crypto / fiat.

Full decentralization of the DESICO platform and its services is made feasible by using the use of clever-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
 So, on the face of it, it’s already sounding quite superb, mainly as what we've got right here is an already established organization with running structures and a totally skilled solid group behind it.  More approximately the group later. .

Launch your ICO

DESICO say that it'll provide customers fee-effective ways to launch an ICO and that they may manage the put up-ICO duration as properly.  Importantly, the ICOs might be ‘protection’ based.

DESICO says that ICOs who desire to problem security tokens, will want to meet the DESICO crew in person for their commercial enterprise version to be demonstrated (to encompass KYC and AML). This will glaringly cause self belief for potential buyers.

Full Legal Compliance

Lithuania is a European Union and Eurozone member country and DESICO plans to function within the legal framework of the Crowd investment Law of the Republic of Lithuania.  ‘Fund raising with none prison or reputational risk’

A entire Service

DESICO’s primary provider is to provide an Infrastructure for launching an ICO.   They already have a European e-cash license and will construct a successful community assisting the whole infrastructure.            

Some Key Service Components

Provide the important infrastructure for a startup business to efficiently’ launch its ICO
Manage each crypto and fiat holdings for a groups thru the European e-money’ license Operation of an exchange, for you to offer immediate list and liquidity for the ICO's protection tokens after of completion of an ICO on the DESICO platform
High-best smart-contract improvement and auditing

Did I point out an change?

The DESICO platform could have a regulated integrated change to provide liquidity for newly issued ICO security tokens.  The change could be subject to the regulatory supervision of the Bank of Lithuania and  ‘DESI’ tokens may be used to list and alternate on the trade

ICOs wishing to be listed on the DESICO platform will must make contributions a certain quantity of DESI tokens as platform costs The idea is that as DESICO grows, greater tokens can be listed on its change and buying and selling activity will grow. As transactions increase, there will be a benefit within the demand for the DESI token.  There will also be exemptions to exchange buying and selling expenses to token holders above a positive threshold.

About the DESI Tokens
The tokens are Ethereum based ERC-20 and are known as ‘DESI’
The crowd sale starts offevolved on August 20th 2018 and is due to stop on November 1st 2018  

Tokens for sale: 409,852,000  
Soft Cap 3,500,000 USD     Hard Cap 32,000,000 USD  
Deposit Method Ether (ETH)  
Total Supply 803,631,373  

About the white paper
A white paper is regularly regarded as the ‘display domestic’ to an ICO’s real estate and in latest months, white papers have understandably the end up the targets of reviewers and potential buyers, and quite rightly so.  If your white paper is tough to examine, complete of spelling mistakes and grammatically wrong, let alone plagiarised from another one, then it will mirror very badly of the whole ICO and could probably be the dying nail as regards the success of the challenge. 

During my research of diverse ICOs,  I actually have trawled through many white papers and I am pleased to mention that in wellknown, I am locating that they are actually improving in fine.  DESICO’s white paper is truly thoroughly prepare, looks exceptional and flows thoroughly.

  Each time I turned into about to question a specific aspect, the solution jumped out at me as though predicted.  The present day model is almost 60 pages in duration and packed complete of thrilling and smooth to read records.  I surely recommend you take a seat lower back and revel in the read!           
The DESICO street map may be summarized by way of announcing it includes the fulfillment of the subsequent five major components: 
  1.  Full Legal Compliance of all activities consisting of
  2.  A Crowd investment Platform for ICOs
  3.  A Built in Exchange
  4.  The use of E-Money Accounts
  5.  Establishing a DESICO Community

DESICO plans to provider 50 ICOs and entice as much as 50,000 buyers to their platform throughout the first 12 months of its operations.  Within 5 years, it expects these   numbers to increase to 1,6OO ICOs serviced annually, along with 1 million energetic   investors.
 The capacity here is big and early buyers could gain immensely by using shopping for in at the group funding level.  

 It’s an impressive, massive and really expert crew with 22 individuals once I appeared.   
Laimonas Noreika - CEO and Co-founder, has a BA diploma in Business Administration with nearly 10 years experience in Business to Consumer advertising.      

Audrius Griskevicius – Chief Business Development Officer and Co-founder, holds an MBA from Hult Business School and has nearly 15 years of enjoy as an expert in the monetary sector.

Darius Noreika Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder, has an MA   in Economics from Vilnius University, Darius has over 10 years of revel in operating in economic evaluation.

For this assessment, I am best going to mention the three Co-founders as the entire listing is quite long, but I thoroughly advocate which you take a leaf through for your self.  But allow me let you know, as you leaf through the list of group individuals and advisors, you quickly comprehend that the blended enjoy and abilities behind DESICO is tremendous. 

Ranging from Business and finance to PR, Legal and advertising, Security, Web and Smart Contract improvement and so on.  You should check Tim Simon’s profile, the Chief Technology Officer’s very spectacular write up!   

It is also undeniable to look that the DESICO team of advisors all have stunning backgrounds and I can see precisely why there is a whole section of their White Paper known as ‘Why we will succeed’.

What DESICO are building is a fully legally compliant entire infrastructure with a platform to problem and trade security tokens with a security tokens alternate and crypto / fiat charge gadget. 
When the whole lot is in area and with the backing of a powerful crew at the back of it, I see a sturdy and lasting destiny for DESICO. 

There is masses more facts which includes a useful FAQ to be discovered within their Web pages and I distinctly advise to take a look.
If you have any questions you can join their telegram chat organization at:

As every ICO reviewer will tell you, do your very own research and make your  personal thoughts up if you do determine to buy into the DESICO Crowd sale which starts on August 20th 2018.

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